NPC event


The NASSCOM Product Conclave at Pune has emerged as the defacto platform to bring together product companies, startups, angels, VCs and enterprise leaders under one roof. Emerging Technologies, Industry Connect and Investor Meet is the acme of this event. A platform for companies developing trending products, enterprises seeking collaborative opportunities, investors looking for key segments to capitalize on new technologies developed in India. A day full of engaging sessions, workshops and knowledge sharing among peers.

Clodura is an Automated LeadGen platform which uses machine learning to find high value prospects which are more likely to close. Clodura collects data from over 80 paid and unpaid sources and analyzes them to understand the strategic direction taken by each company. Its core machine learning algorithm can then predict, which company is going to need which services and at what stage and then this information is passed on to our customers as a lead.

Meet Clodura at Nasscom Product Enclave 2017 and see how we help sales managers in finding low hanging fruits that can be closed quickly and create a healthy sales pipeline.