Connect with your prospects like never before

Today a human-to-human sales approach works better than B2B sales approach. With Clodura’s digital footprint tracker keep abreast with company’s information and insights about the key people. Execute and growbusiness with prospects by identifying newer opportunities faster. We help you become a sales farmer and hunter at the same time, with up-to-date information on customer accounts.

Clodura Dashboard

Our Leads provide you

  • Identifying potential customer leadsfrom list of prospects
  • Relevant prospect details and identification of decision makers
  • Opportunity for passive sales approaches from real-time reports about prospects
  • Valuable data on prospects by tracking them across social media and generating knowledge about their social patterns
  • Equip with data on prospects to provide them best services

Valid contact details

Sending relevant emails to your prospects is still the most popular and effective way of getting leads. A person on an average can find about 45 valid email addresses in a day. What if someone just gives you validated corporate email address.

Valid Contact Details
Clodura Dashboard with Company Category

Hot , warm and cold companies

It’s an eternal questions for sales managers to find out, which companies are worth going after TODAY ??This questions is asked very often but the data that is used to answer this question always remains the same,which makes us waste our efforts chasing accounts that are not ready to close.

Clodura allows you to manage groups of companies based on various parameters such as Funding, Job openings, trending news ( product launch, acquisitions, new top people hire etc). These groups are managed with live data which gives you up to date picture of companies that are worth chasing.


Clodura gives you the full report of the target company.

  • No. of Employees, Revenue and Budget
  • Funding rounds with amount and series
  • Key Decision makers with their details
  • BANT Analysis
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Clodura Dashboard with Company Category

Email Automation

Clodura’s allows sales folks to develop closer relationships with their customers by maintaining effective communication. Email automation is the most effective way to engage in email marketing with less manual efforts. It enables sales folks to send emails to the target audience at scheduled times. They can save time by setting up the email platform to send emails.