What we do at Clodura!

Sales team often underachieve their targets due to cumbersome and long sales cycle process. Right from identifying prospective customers, connecting with them, studying the opportunities and providing solutions is a daunting task.

However, this is passé with the CLODURA’s Intelligent personal sales assistant !

Clodura is your personal sales assistant. It helps you understand your prospect in detail by analyzing them with its intelligent algorithm on various data points, in real time. This leads to higher achievements of your sales targets, save time and increase closures.

With Clodura, you can know your potential customer in a 360-degree manner.

Clodura’s intelligent sales platform helps you sell with ease. It helps you identify, connect and pitch to the ‘right’ prospect. It is a hybrid artificial human intelligence engine that provides you relevant prospects, over and above your database leading to a bigger pipeline of successful customers. Clodura comprises of unique tools to empower your sales function to perform better and achieve more.