Escalating the sales of

Clodura is different !!

Key Features
  •    Identify Opportunities
  •    Validated contact details
  •    Customer Tracking
  •    BANT Analysis
  •    Social
  •    Auto Personalized Email
  •    Company Groups
  •    Event Attendees
  •    Find Opportunities and Pain points
  •    Free Unlimited contact details
  •    Track customers with always Live Data
  •    Provides complete BANT Analysis Report
  •    Track Customers All Social Activities
  •    Get Personalized emails for all Prospects
  •    Create Groups with Live Data
  •    Find Prospects attending Specific Events
Other Products
  •    Only Lead Scoring
  •    Paid
  •    No live Tracking of Customers
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  •    X
  •    X
  •    X
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Spot more customers

Identify potential customers that were missing in your sales pipeline


Faster conversion
Identify good opportunities with detailed information about prospects

Clodura Benefits


Reduce effort
Save time by connecting with the potential prospects & decision makers


Higher success
Gain customers attention with the right customized pitch


  • Monitor prospects
  • Inspect digital footprints of companies & its key people
  • Receive customer's valid contact and details
  • Personalized email templates
  • Find leads and Opportunities directly
  • BANT Analysis Report
  • Find which prospects are attending events
  • Create company groups

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